Audio Bionics - Testimonials
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"I think this is the way of the future; in fact, I know it is... We think that every practitioner will be excited about this. They’re going to be amazed.” 


Dr. Jack Vernon, Ph.D (The ‘father’ of tinnitus-masking using applied sound)

“I can unequivocally state that you have composed the best tinnitus masking sound with which I am experienced. In my opinion, you have constructed a masking sound which is clearly different and more effective. Every time I come before you (Mike Petroff, inventor of Tinnitus Distractor) indicating the various needs for effective masking I feel much like the student approaching the master.”


Jerry Halik, MD, Ear Surgeon

“I am an Otolaryngologist (ENT) medical doctor, surgeon and assistant professor at the University of Toronto. I’m pleased to have earned a reputation of being the leading ear surgeon in Canada. I am writing to express my enthusiastic endorsement of Audio Bionics DTM systems. In my opinion, the Tinnitus Distractor not only constitutes the most effective solution but is also the only practical and affordable product in the field.”


Dr. Lorraine Vosu, Ph.D, Au.D

“As a doctor of Audiology with certifications in tinnitus retraining therapy, 40 years of experience in treating tinnitus patients, and the owner of three Audiology centers in Canada, I am highly enthusiastic about our results for the Audio Bionics Tinnitus Distractor product. Virtually all of the tested patients experienced significant relief using the product. It is important to also note that the above positive results were consistent, notwithstanding that calibration to the tinnitus frequency was not required.”


Grant Hieshima, MD

“I am the Interventional Neuroradiologist who attended your lecture at UCLA. I personally developed tinnitus and hyperacusis in December of 2009. I have studied the related scientific literature and consulted with specialists in Neuro-Otology, as well as multiple audiologists. I use the Audio Bionics sounds whenever my tinnitus intensity gets to an irritating level. Your sounds rapidly decrease the intensity of my tinnitus and I am able to go back to sleep quickly and easily. Thank you for making such a significant advance in the management of tinnitus.”


Dr. Michael Kessler

“I was exposed to a new technology called Audio Bionics, and I’m really excited about it. It’s something that’s really needed, and the reason I know this is because my wife, also a doctor, Doctor Becchetti, has a problem with tinnitus. We found it was very effective in helping her, and we want to expose this technology to our network of international doctors because of our great experience in reducing or eliminating her tinnitus.”


Dr. Sondra Becchetti

“We have used many things in our clinics over the years. I was introduced to Audio Bionics and found that it reduced or eliminated the constant high-pitched noise in my head for over a day and a half after using it for ten minutes. I think this is the way of the future; in fact, I know it is. We have a very huge network with many different types of health practitioners. My firsthand experience with Audio Bionics is a huge plus. We think that every practitioner will be excited about this. They’re going to be amazed.”


Michael Franzblau, MD

"I’ve had tinnitus for maybe thirty years, and for the first time at any time I can remember - I could not hear it, period. I was hearing normally but I could not hear my tinnitus. I’m 79 years old, I’ll be 80 in June, and as I say I’ve had tinnitus since the early ’80s and it has always sounded like a kind of hissing in a somewhat high frequency. I’m impressed by this system and I’m hoping to use it and recommend some of my patients to buy the system."


Bob Lentz

"This is the most relief I’ve been experiencing in six years, and trust me I’ve tried everything. I just want to thank Mike Petroff for working on this because obviously, you’ve got millions of people suffering from this. I really appreciate the work you guys are doing and I appreciate the relief that I've experienced in the past few weeks, and I thank you for that.”


John Johnson

"I can sleep through the night and hearing conversations in noisy places are much improved. I also have Meniere's Disease which causes me balance issues, but at least I don't have the 'roar' to deal with as well. I am very hopeful that this is my answer to my tinnitus issues. It's been a month and I'm very pleased with the results. This is the only tangible relief I've had in all my years dealing with this problem. Thank You, Audio Bionics.”